Titles and Wins

Grand Slam Titles

Tournament Title Year
Australian Open Singles Finalist 1966
Australian Open Singles Finalist 1967
U.S. Open Singles Champion 1968
Australian Open Singles Champion 1970
French Open Doubles Finalist 1970
Australian Open Singles Finalist 1971
French Open Doubles Champion 1971
Wimbledon Doubles Finalist 1971
U.S. Open Singles Finalist 1972
Wimbledon Singles Champion 1975
Australian Open Doubles Champion 1977

Other Tournament Wins

Other Tournament Wins
Wins South African Open doubles title with Tom Okker, 1973
U.S. Amateur Title, 1968
U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship, 1967
NCAA singles and doubles champion, 1965
U.S. intercollegiate championships, 1965
U.S. Men’s Hard Court Championship, 1963
U.S. Davis Cup Tennis Team, member, beginning 1963
Wins the U.S. Men’s Hardcourt championships, 1963
Played in numerous tennis championships, including National Indoor Junior Tennis Championship, 1960 & 1961
Wins the National Interscholastic’s, 1960