Ivana Trump
Ivana Trump
Ivana Trump
Ivana Trump
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Quotes By Ivana

"When you’re raised in a communist country, you lead a very Spartan life. You start with nothing, and you learn that you must work hard for everything and believe in yourself."

"I like to live. I like to dance. I like to eat. I like to work and I like my family. I like to enjoy. And-knock on wood-it’s nice that I can live this way."

"If people see your weaknesses they will take advantage of them."

"I’m a lady and I run my business with dignity."

"I run my operation like a family business. I sign every check, every receipt, Iím not tough, but Iím strong."

"Show me success without ego!"

Quotes About Ivana

"Donald Trumpís most towering achievement isnít Trump Tower or Trump Casinos or any other of his dazzling great things and doings, itís Ivana."
-- Malcolm S. Forbes

"Sheís not only a mother who sensible but sensitively dotes on her good kids. Sheís also a dynamo at the executive desk."
-- Malcolm S. Forbes

"I donít know a lady in New York who doesnít like her."
-- Food TV's Nina Griscom

"Ivana is almost as competitive as I am."
-- Donald Trump

"She loves all this, tearing into life, bringing along different groups, watching their jaws drop. Itís a good life, but it must be organized."
-- Julie Baumgold, New York Magazine