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La Sirčne des Tropiques (1927)
Siren of the Tropics
This black-and-while silent film is about a beautiful girl from the tropics who goes to Paris and becomes a glamorous dancer. Josephine was used to overexaggerating her movements and voice to reach the people in the back of a theater; consequently, on her first film she severely overacted and was embarrassed by her performance. Unfortunately, most of the film has been lost over the years.

Zouzou (1934)
Josephine plays a young Creole woman whose father works at a circus. As children, she and her adopted white brother, Jean, are put in the show as "twins." Zouzou eventually falls in love with Jean, and he is her protector throughout the film. When Jean is wrongly convicted of a crime, Zouzou starts performing to raise money for him. This is when the film becomes a musical, showing off Josephine's talents and charm. Zouzou goes to the police to prove Jean's innocence on opening night of her performance, and makes it back in time to do the finale and become a star. She does a memorable scene wearing feathers and singing
Haiti while in a swing. In the end, Jean falls in love with a white woman, leaving Zouzou alone. She is seen in a gilded cage, almost naked and singing. Now she must perform because it is all she has left. Zouzou was a success in France, showcasing Josephine's charm and charisma.

Princess Tam Tam (1935)
Shot in Tunisia, this film is considered by some to be the best of Josephine's movies. She is, once again, a "primitive" girl in Africa, who meets French novelist Max de Mirecourt on vacation there. He has gone to Africa because he is tired of his socialite wife, who is cheating on him. Max is enchanted by Alwina (Josephine) and decides to take her back to France as "Princess Tam Tam." He introduces her to French culture, where her innocent reactions and emotions charm everyone. She eventually showcases her talent in a Paris nightclub, singing and dancing to
Under the African Sky.

The French Way (1945)
Josephine plays Zazu, a cabaret performer who helps a young couple stay together despite their quarreling parents. Her character has been recruited by the son's father to break up the relationship, but she disagrees with him and decides to play matchmaker instead. This film was not as well-received as
Zouzou or Tam Tam, but it still provides a glimpse of Josephine in her prime.

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