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“Notre Dame has one signal: pass the ball to Gipp and let him use his own judgment.”
-- celebrated author Ring Lardner

“Once in a great while you can spot, among (these) clumsy beginners, genuine talent.”
-- Knute Rockne, Notre Dame coach (1918-1930)

"His kicks were far and placed evidently where he wanted them to go to give the other player catching practice..."
-- Knute Rockne, Notre Dame coach (1918-1930)

“I felt the thrill that comes to every coach when he knows it is his fate and his responsibility to handle unusual greatness...the perfect performer who comes rarely more than once in a generation."
-- Knute Rockne, Notre Dame coach (1918-1930)

“He was a natural athlete… And he possessed the three most important qualities needed to attain greatness: the qualities of body, mind and spirit. He had what no coach or system can teach -football intuition.”
-- Knute Rockne, Notre Dame coach (1918-1930)

“His kicking and ball carrying was about as fine as anything I have ever seen on a football field."
-- sports writer Grantland Rice

“A most peculiar kind of saint.”
-- Notre Dame sports historian Francis Wallace

“We on the campus look upon George Gipp as the greatest football player ever turned out at Notre Dame, one whose ability has been surpassed if at all by few cleated warriors since the game was introduced in this country."
-- Elmer Layden, Four Horseman backfield and Notre Dame coach (1934-1940)

“George Gipp was the greatest athlete I have ever known. He will be forever remembered as a friend, a student, an athlete and a gentleman, for to know him was to love him."
-- 1920 Notre Dame Football team captain Frank Coughlin

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