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Gipp was recruited by legendary coach Knute Rockne after the coach saw him drop kicking footballs 60-70 yards with apparent ease.

Not a single pass was completed in his protective zone while playing defense during any of his four years at Notre Dame.

In Gipp's final two years, the undefeated Irish at 19-0-1 were declared Champions of the West, scoring 560 points to their opponents’ 27.

The Irish had a team record of 23-2-2 with Gipp playing and went 27-2-3 overall during his four years. He scored 83 touchdowns.

Gipp was named an All-American by Walter Camp two weeks before his death. He was Notre Dame’s first.

As a freshman, Gipp kicked a 62-yard game-winner against Kalamazoo, It was a drop kick record that remained until the 1970s (it had been tied but not broken prior to that).

Hall of Fame Honors
National Football Hall of Fame (1951)
College Football Hall of Fame (1951)
Michigan Sports Football Hall of Fame (1957)
Upper Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame (1972)

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