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Bootblack Publishing Co. Catalog

Song Title Description Beat
Beautiful Girl About adoration of a “Beautiful Girl” that you can’t get off your mind. Slow with definite beat, infatuation
Brown Baby About the hopes & dreams for children of color to grow up in a better world with dignity & pride. Slow in a beat of 3, optimistic
But I Was Cool Attempts to maintain: no matter how bad things get you try to keep your cool- but this guy cant. Walking pace/dark comedy
Call Of the city Extols the excitement of big city life vs Any rural alternative Fast pace, excitement, showy
A Dime Away From A Hotdog A comedic view of living life just short of a homeless person-with no prospects and debt. walking pace, soulful, funky, hopeless
Forbidden Fruit About “Adam and Eve” committing the original sin and being chastised in the Garden. Fast walking pace, comical
Hazel’s Hips About love for a waitress named “Hazel” and how her hair and eyes are fine but her hips bring her the tips. Slow & brassy, sexy, desire
Hymn to friday Heralds plans for enjoying the weekend and extols joy that the work week is over Quick beat, Happy/optimistic
Hymn To the Homeless About the plight of the homeless and the day to day conditions that they endure. Walking pace, concern
Its October A poignant comparison of how Life like autumn has seasonal changes. Walking pace, Sax solo, pictorial
Ladies Man About a man taking a nostalgic reflection on his love conquests of days gone by. Dancing beat, comical & fun. Spoken word.
Love Is Like a Newborn Child Connecting the essence of the love and care of a newborn to a new romance Walking pace, reflective, hopeful
Lucky Guy About the many material items, women and friends he has all of which money has helped him to buy. Slow & brassy/Rat Pack like
Opportunity Please Knocks About the need for opportunity to lift one’s self out of a rut. And that it come along in whatever form is available Slow & brassy/plead & need for a break
Rags And Old Iron About a broken hearted person appealing to the Ragman street vendor to trade in their pain Slow, grief from lost love
When Malindy Sings The narrator’s comical comparison of a slave’s singing voice vs. the master’s wife. Preference is for the melodious servant singing style. Period poem craftly using old negro dialect. Fast walking pace
World Full of Grey About how life is filled with choices and he’s not sure which direction to take because nothing is clear cut -just grey. Slow, ballad, meditative, dramatic