About Edward White II

There is no typical path which leads a person to become an astronaut. For some, aerial combat or test piloting in one of the armed forces leads to a career in space flight. Some develop a curiosity and love of flying during adolescence. Others recall a childhood filled with memories of making airplanes from paper or balsa wood and flying with nothing more than a cardboard box for a cockpit and imagination for fuel. Others, however, were “actually born into flying.” Edward White fell into this category. For Ed White, flying was not merely a hobby, fascination or job. Flying was his birthright.

“I think you have to understand the feeling that a pilot has, that a test pilot has, that I look forward a great deal to making the first flight. There’s a great deal of pride involved in making a first flight.”

CMG Worldwide

CMG pioneered representation for deceased celebrities through our legal expertise and created an opportunity for a deceased celebrity’s heirs to retain rights. With over 200 celebrities, it has the largest portfolio of legends to this day. There can be no substitute for experience and skill in the licensing world. CMG’s position as the industry leader gives an advantage that other agencies are simply not able to match.

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