By Lazzeri:

"They didn't get along. Gehrig thought Ruth was a big-mouth and Ruth thought Gehrig was cheap. They were both right."

About Lazzeri:

"We really put on a show. Lou and I banged ball after ball into the right field stands, and I finally knocked one out of the park in right center. Bob Meusel and Tony Lazzeri kept hammering balls into the left field seats."
-- Babe Ruth

"Unless I can break my record this year, I believe there are only two men in baseball who have a chance to do it. One of them is Lou Gehrig and the other is Tony Lazzeri..."
-- Babe Ruth in 1927 about the home run record.

"I've always heard how smart you are, and I just wanted to see what you'd do in that situation."
-- Lefty Gomez, after throwing Lazzeri the ball when he was in no position to make a play.