Welcome to the official site of Alexander Cartwright, father of the modern day game of Baseball. Please take a few moments to look around the site and learn more about the man who founded the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club and created the rules that were the basis of the very ones used in the game today.


Whether you’re eating a hot dog, singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” or stepping up to the plate yourself. The next time you’re out at the ballpark enjoying America’s favorite pastime, you can thank Alexander Cartwright...


Interesting facts about Alexander Cartwright.


In 1938 Alexander Cartwright received the honor of being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame...

Knickerbocker Rules

The Knickerbocker Rules, formalized by Alexander Cartwright in 1945 and later published in 1948, are the basis for the rules used in modern day baseball.


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