Quotes about Lou Jacobs

“We cannot define magic. We can only sense when we are in its presence. Lou Jacobs was magic. And it is our blessing that a spark of that magic — a spark of Lou’s generous spirit — lives on in every life he ever touched, and every performance of the Greatest Show on Earth”
— Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus owner, Kenneth Feld

“There will never be another clown like Lou Jacobs. He has embodied the very essence of the word for so long that he has actually molded its meaning. Probably no other entertainer in history has caused more people to laugh in live performances.”
— Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus owner, Irvin Feld

“The Circus greatest clown ever.”
— performer Red Skelton

“This wonderful clown, through his painted face, creates warmth, concern and love.”
— performer Red Skelton

Quotes by Lou Jacobs

“I’ve had good times and bad times. It may seem like a rough day today, but tomorrow may bring a good day, and the sun may be shining in the next town.”

“It was a good life. We had sunshine in the backyard. We washed our own clothes. We would have baseball teams. We lived to clown.”

“I was always a clown in school, and I could see that my friends with troubles felt better after they had a good laugh.”