1984 The Las Vegas Strip War
The Ambassador
1982 World War III
1981 The Star Maker
1980 The Mirror Crack’d
1978 Avalanche
1976 Embryo
1973 Showdown
1971 Pretty Maids All in a Row
Once Upon a Dead Man
1970 Hornet’s Nest
Darling Lili
1969 Fine Pair
The Undefeated
1968 Ice Station Zebra
1967 Tobruk
1966 Seconds
1965 A Very Special Favor
1964 Strange Bedfellows
Man’s Favorite Sport
Send Me No Flowers
1963 Marilyn
A Gathering of Eagles
1962 The Spiral Road
1961 The Last Sunset
Come September
Lover Come Back
1959 Pillow Talk
This Earth is Mine
1958 Twilight for the Gods


1957 The Tarnished Angels
A Farewell to Arms
Battle Hymn
Something of Value
1956 Written on the Wind
Never Say Goodbye
1955 All That Heaven Allows
One Desire
Captain Lightfoot
1954 Taza, Son of Cochise
Bengal Brigade
Magnificent Obsession
1953 Sea Devils
The Lawless Breed
Gun Fury
The Golden Blade
Back to God’s Country
1952 Horizons West
Here Come the Nelsons
Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
Scarlet Angel
Bend of the River
1951 The Fat Man
Bright Victory
Air Cadet
Iron Man
1950 Winchester ’73
I was a Shoplifter
The Desert Hawk
One Way Street
1949 Undertow
1948 Fighter Squadron