“Cooz was the absolute offensive master. What Russell was on defense, that’s what Cousy was on offense-a magician. Once that ball reached his hands, the rest of us just took off, never bothering to look back. We didn’t have to. He’d find us. When you got into a position to score, the ball would be there.”
former Celtic star Tommy Heinsohn

“The game bears an indelible stamp of your rare skills and competitive daring.”
President John F. Kennedy in a wire sent to Cousy upon his retirement

“People have little doubt that while Dr. Naismith may have invented the game, Cousy made it as close to an art form as possible.”
a writer

“The Celtics wouldn’t be here without him. If he had played in New York, he would have been as big as Babe Ruth. I think he is anyway.”
Celtics owner Walter Brown upon Cousy’s retirement