Invented and demonstrated his system for electronic television. 1927
Invented storage crt which made radar useful. 1930
Built the first baby incubator (isolette) 1930
Built the first device to sustain a controllable device for nuclear fusion (study of.) 1960
Married in the LDS Temple to his wife, Pem for all eternity. 1969


Eta Kappa Nu Recognitions 1937
Morris Leibman Memorial Prize, IRE 1941
First Gold Medal, National Television Broadcasters Association 1944
Honor Dr. of Science, Indiana Technology 1951
Citation from Brigham Young University 1953
Citation from Utah Broadcasters Association 1953
Member Utah Cultural Society 1953
Honorary Doctor of Science Brigham Young University 1968
Documentary of his life by KSL TV, Salt Lake City Utah 1968
KSL’s Broadcast Mountain changed the name to Farnsworth Peak 1969
Recognition by Salt Lake Inventors Council 1970
Recognition Intermountain Electrical Association Posthumous award 1971
Golden Plate Award (accepted by his wife Pem at the Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City by American Academy of Achievement 1974
The 50th Anniversary of the first all-electronic TV transmission 1977
Special Emmy awarded Calif. Board of Governors 1978
Philo T Farnsworth Jefferson County Historical Society and Museum. 1980
Rigby, Idaho. Signs entering the city say (Birth place of Inventor of Television) 1980
Indiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame Induction 1981
A plague honoring Farnsworth as the The Genius of Green Street was placed at 202 Green Street of his research laboratory in San Francisco 1981
California Inventors Hall of Fame 1981
Beehive Hall of Fame (Utah) Induction 1982
US Postal Stamp issued 1983
National Inventors Hall of Fame Induction 1984
Philo T. Farnsworth Memorial Museum Dedication Rigby Idaho 1988
Statue of Dr. Farnsworth was placed in to Statuary Hall. Located in the US Capital Building 1999
The Academy of Television Arts and Science started awarding the Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award to companies who have significantly affected the state of television and broadcasting engineering over a long period of time. 2003
Farnsworth was posthumously presented the Eagle Scout award When it was discovered he’d earned it but had never been presented with it. It was presented to his wife Pem 2006