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Can I use your pictures on my Web site?
CMG Worldwide and the Estate of Dorothy Lamour do not grant permissions for use of copyrighted photos without a license.

I am looking for a particular photo of Dorothy Lamour; can you help me find it?
To find photos not shown on this site, please visit one of a number of on-line image banks. Suggested sites are: Corbis Images and The Motion Picture Television Photo Archive.

I am doing a research paper/school report on Dorothy Lamour; can you give me more information?
All of the information we have about Dorothy Lamour is on this site. If there is information you cannot find on this site, you may be able to find a more complete biography at your local public library.

Is this e-mail going to Dorothy Lamour's Family?
This e-mail is not going to Dorothy Lamour's family. It is going to the Internet Coordinator of CMG Worldwide, the company that represents the name/image/likeness of Dorothy Lamour. Although we encourage your thoughts on the site, it is not likely that Dorothy Lamour's family will see your e-mail.

Can I have an autographed photo of Dorothy Lamour?
Unfortunately, CMG Worldwide does not distribute autographed photos of our clients.

Can I link my Web site to yours?
Of course you can. No need to ask us to link to our Web site, as a matter of fact, we welcome it.

I have memorabilia/autograph of Dorothy Lamour; can you tell me how much it is worth?
Unfortunately, CMG Worldwide does not serve as an appraiser for autographs or memorabilia associated with its clients.

I am looking for information that is not on your site, can you answer my question?
All of the information we have on Dorothy Lamour is located on the site.

I think there is false information on this site. Who do I tell?
Tell us! Although we always try to get facts straight, sometimes it is impossible. If you think a fact is wrong on the site, please don't hesitate to tell us. We'd be more than happy to check it out!

Will you answer my e-mail?
We try to answer as much e-mail as we can; however, the volume at which we receive them sometimes does not make this task possible.

I can't find a certain film, book or CD by Dorothy Lamour, can you tell me where to get it?
Search for the item on, and you should be able to find anything that is currently available for purchase.