Filmography - Films

  • "Tillie's Punctured Romance" (1914, Keystone Film Company)
    as a small child
    Cast: Marie Dressler, Charles Chaplin, Mable Norman, Mack Swain
  • "Birthright" (1920, Allied Independent Attractions)
    as "Milton Berlinger"
    Cast: Maud Sylvester, Pete Raymond
  • "Poppin' the Cork" (1933. Educational) (short subject)
    as "Elmer Brown"
    Cast; Norma Taylor, Mary Cole, Gertrude Mudge
  • "Hollywood Hobbies" (1934, MGM) (short subject)
    as himself (uncredited)
    Cast: all-star including James Cagney, Clark Gable, James Stewart
  • "New Faces of 1937" (1937, RKO Pictures)
    as "Wallington Wedge"
    Cast: Joe Penner, Harriet Hilliard, Ann Miller
  • "Radio City Revels)" (1938, RKO Pictures)
    as "Teddy Jordan"
    Cast: Jack Oakie, Bob Burns, Ann Miller, Kenny Baker, Jane Froman, Victor Moore
  • "Tall, Dark and Handsome" (1941, 20th Century-Fox)
    as "Frosty"
    Cast: Cesar Romero, Virginia Gilmore, Charlotte Greenwood, Sheldon Leonard
  • "Sun Valley Serenade" (1941, 20th Century-Fox)
    as "Nifty Allen"
    Cast: Sonia Henie, John Payne, Glenn Mi1ler and his Orchestra, Lynn Bari, Joan Davis
  • "Rise and Shine" (1941, 20th Century-Fox)
    as "Seabiscuit"
    Cast: Linda Darnell, Jack Oakie, George Murphy, Walter Brennan, Sheldon Leonard
  • "Whispering Ghosts" (1942, 20th Century-Fox)
    as "H.H. Van Buren"
    Cast: Willie Best, John Carradine, Brenda Joyce
  • "A Gentleman at Heart" (1942, 20th Century-Fox)
    as "Lucky Cullen"
    Cast: Cesar Romero, Carole Landis, J. Carrol Naish, Jerome Cowan
  • "Over My Dead Body" (1942, 20th Century-Fox)
    as "Jason Cordry"
    Cast: Lon McCallister, Mary Beth Hughes, Reginald Denny
  • "Margin for Error" (1943, 20th Century-Fox)
    as "Moe Finkelstein"
    Cast: Joan Bennett, Otto Preminger
  • "Always Leave Them Laughing" (1949, Warner Bros.)
    as "Kip Cooper"
    Cast: Belt Lahr, Virginia Mayo, Ruth Roman, Alan Hate. Jerome Cowan
  • "Let's Make Love" (1960, 20th Century-Fox) (aka: "The Billionaire" "The Millionaire")
    as himself (uncredited, along with other guests: Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly)
    Cast: Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand, Tony Randall, Frankie Vaughan, David Burns
  • "The Bellboy (1960, Paramount)
    as himself/bellboy
    Cast: Jerry Lewis, Alex Gerry, Bob Clayton
  • "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" (1963, United Artists)
    As "J. Russell Finch"
    Cast: Spencer Tracy and all-star cast
  • "The Loved One" (1965, MGM)
    as "Mr. Kenton"
    Cast: Robert Morse, Rod Steiger, Liberace, Anjanette Corner
  • "Star Spangled Salesman" (1966, United States Treasury Department) (short subject on savings bonds)
    group of television celebrities including: Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, The Three Stooges, Jack Webb
  • "Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title" (1966, United Artists)
    as cameo appearance
    Cast: Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, Richard Deacon
  • "The Oscar" (1966, Paramount)
    as "Kappy Kapstetter"
    Cast: Stephen Boyd, Elke Sommer, Tony Bennett, Eleanor Parker, Joseph Cotton
  • "The Happening" (1967, Columbia)
    as "Fred"
    Cast Anthony Quinn, George Maharis, Michael Parks, Faye Dunaway, Robert Walker
  • "Who's Minding the Mint"(1967, Columbia)
    as "Luther Burton"
    Cast: Jim Hutton, Dorothy Provine, Joey Bishop, Bob Denver, Walter Brennan, Jack Gilford
  • "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows" (1968, Columbia)
    as "Film Director"
    Cast Rosalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Binnie Barnes, Mary Wickes, Arthur Godfrey, Robert Taylor
  • "Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness" (1969, Universal)
    as "Goodtime Eddie Filth"
    Cast: Anthony Newley, Joan Collins, George Jessel, Bruce Forsyth, Stubby Kaye, Victor Spinetti
  • "Journey Back to Oz" (1971, Warner Bros.) (animated feature)
    as "Cowardly Lion" (voice)
    Cast: Liza Minnelli, Mickey Rooney, Danny Thomas, Paul Lynde, Margaret Hamilton
  • "Lepke' (1975, Warner Bros./AmeriEuro Pictures)
    as "Mr. Meyer"
    Cast: Tony Curtis, Anjanette Comer, Michael Callan, Warren Berlinger
  • "Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood" (1976, Paramount)
    as "Blind Man"
    Cast: Madeline Kahn, Bruce Dern, Art Carney, Rob Leibman with numerous guest-stars.
  • "The Muppet Movie" (1979, Henson Associates/Incorporated Television Company, distributed by Associated Film Distributors)
    as "Mad Man Mooney"
    Cast: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Dave Goelz. Richard Hunt
    Guest appearances include: Bob Hope, Orson Welles, Mel Brooks, Edgar Bergen, Steve Martin
  • "Cracking Up" (1983, Warner Bros.)
    as "Female Patient"
    Cast: Sammy Davis Jr., Foster Brooks, Herb Edelman
  • "Broadway Danny Rose" (l984, Orion)
    as himself
    Cast: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Nick Apollo Forte
  • "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" (l985, Warner Bros.)
    as himself (uncredited)
    Cast: Paul Reubens, Elizabeth Daily, Mark Holton
  • "Driving Me Crazy" (1992) (aka: "Trabbi Goes to Hollywood")
    as "Hotel Clerk"
    Cast: Dom DeLuise, Billy Dee Williams, Steve Kanaly, George Kennedy
  • "Storybook" (1995)
    as "Illuzor"
    Cast: Swoosie Kurtz, Richard Moll, Robert Costanzo, Jack Scalia
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