Dr. Moses F. Powell was born on January. 13, 1941 to Moses and Athenia Powell. It was discovered during his late teen years that Dr. Moses Powell was a natural at anything he set his heart and mind on acheiving. He excelled in the art of boxing and was easily handling the more experienced boxers. It was in Harlem N.Y. that he met his martial arts teacher. A little man named Florendo Visitacion, also known as Professor 'Vee'. Professor 'Vee' at that time, which was 1954 was not known, to the martial arts world, but this did not stop Dr. Moses Powell from becoming his student. Dr. Moses Powell was fascinated by this funny, but serious little man who had the ability to destroy opponents much bigger than himself. Dr. Moses Powell himself was a big man with a big heart and he grew fond of his teacher and the Vee-Jitsu Ryu/Vee-Jitsu Te (pronounced Tay) martial art. Dr. Moses Powell loved Grand Professor 'Vee' very, very much and worked harder than any other student. Dr. Moses Powell became so proficient at Grand Professor 'Vee's' system of martial art, that as a green belt, he was allowed to instruct and teach 3rd and 4th Degree Black Belts. When he was ever asked how this could be possible?, Dr. Moses Powell would always reply, " That was because I did my homework and they didn't!"

In 1960, then Sensei Moses Powell began teaching his own system of Self-Defense. He named this system of his, Self-Defense Complete. As his system evolved in 1964, he renamed it Modern Ju Jitsu. In 1965, Sensei Moses Powell was selected to perform a demonstration along with other martial artist at the World's Fair held in New York. Finally in 1968, after having presented the newly evolved