“The wonderful thing was that we were together for so many years. We dressed together, we slept together, we roomed together, we went shopping together, and of course we rehearsed together. We never separated.”
-- Maxene Andrews

Maxene Angelyn Andrews Patty (Patricia) Marie Andrews LaVerne Sofia Andrews


The Andrews Sisters were America’s most popular female singing group. Patty, the youngest sister, was a loud and energetic blond who headed the group with her confident vocals. The middle sister was Maxene, a brunette, whose harmonic range gave the impression of four voices instead of three. Finally, completing the trio was the eldest, LaVerne, a strong willed red head with a witty sense of humor and an eye for fashion.

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America’s Favorite Singing Sisters

In the 1940s the sisters found themselves in high demand, and became the most profitable stage attraction in the entire nation, earning $20,000 a week. Aside from singing, the sisters were established radio personalities, and made appearances in 17 Hollywood movies. During the mid 1940s the sisters released eight new singles, six of which became bestsellers; one went gold and another reached platinum status.

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The Girls Move On

In 1967 LaVerne was diagnosed with cancer. She died a year later at the age of 55 in her Brentwood estate. Maxene and Patty decided not to continue performing without LaVerne and the sisters pursued different careers. Maxene accepted a position at Tahoe Paradise College and eventually became Vice-President. Patty continued performing making guest appearances on a variety of shows including Lucille Ball’s Here’s Lucy and The Gong Show.

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