"This is not some simple whim, this was a dam!"

(The story goes) Phil was looking at land in Maine to settle and heal his battle-worn mind. One parcel looked perfect, just the forest he wanted, and lots of surroundings that could be bought up over time, however, he had hoped to stock a pond with trout and fish a few out from time to time.

"We can dam up this creek" pointing to a tiny creek at his feet . Lots of folk would crack a smile and go on with the day, but something clicked and Phil realized that building a dam was child’s play when compared with the obstacles he had been facing. I was not there, but I suspect he started thinking about the dam in terms of "X" number of steps from that moment on … a goal to made sport of … perfect.

So once the design was decided upon, the site was prepped, and every able body for miles around was hired, those who could not heft the business end of a wheel barrow, kept the food and coffee moving, and an epic, 36 hour pour began: an event which is now legend in this region.

So if your next home fails to have a convenient lake in the backyard, this pretty much shows how to deal with that shortfall.