Dissector from obscurity

Dissector from ObscurityEverson and Gorrell were getting into the spirit and gambling their own cash on this television system; I think they were aware what they could shell out was insufficient: about $6000 in 1926. Home base was L.A. The setup was built nonetheless, and an outside glass blower was contracted to fashion the tube's glass envelope. The first throw of the power switch, produced only smoke, and Phil was devastated.Les Gorrel immediately observed that a real lab is what is needed, and more funds as well. The mood turned and everyone was confident more funds and more lab-like digs were indicated. Reading a book helps get all this in perspective.


EmmyGiven posthumously to Phil in the 80's, Philo Jr. accepted the award. Note the base of the EMMY is not circular, this is a "Governor's Board" award.


StatueUtahís second statue in Statuary Hall, in the nationís Capital Bldg, every state gets two. In 1988 a bunch of students in Salt Lake City were discovering what is required to design a project and push it through the political system. The kids liked the Farnsworth idea because they could relate to him. It did take them through a lot of machinery: non-profit projects, lobbying at state level, committee work, interacting with state and federal governments. Following these kids as they tackled this challenge and worked on the inside of the system was amazing...what a unique and satisfying experience.


StampIn the sixties, Pem and Philo Jr. felt a stamp was appropriate, and summoned the telephone numbers of the folks you call in Washington, D.C. for such matters, and met with a chilly plate of stock answers. Relentless efforts got them the ear of the Postmaster's office and our heroes suggested that four enormously important minds of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries had contributed a lot to the scientific infrastructure we enjoy, but do not recognize. This warmed up the Postmaster's office and a dialogue began.

Uniquely perfect to the task was Philo Jr. who was well schooled in the sciences and technology's history, who selected Tesla, Steinmetz, Armstrong and Farnsworth. A very enlightened and worthy list. Steinmetz for strong math concerning such things as A.C. circuit theory; Farnsworth for television; Tesla* for applied A.C. induction theory and the induction motor and Armstrong for nearly every patent in radio making possible what we listen to today.

* Tesla warrants more space here. His career brought awesome progress to the commercial use of electricity, and its subtle behaviors. Just entering his name into a search engine will give you an idea.


CabinPTF built in the sixties right next to the dam pond. The sounds heard here were recorded on minidisk from right where this picure was taken in the mid-nineties. The dam pond is about 150 feet away, and has a large population of frogs of many sizes and many song birds. Photo R. Kaplin