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Larcenous Lou Brock was born on June 18, 1939 in El Dorado, Arkansas. He grew up on a cotton plantation in Collinston, Louisiana where he tirelessly worked for most of his childhood. As a child, Brock was regarded as a quiet and introverted boy, a child that no one would have predicted would become a National Baseball Hall of Fame inductee. In fact, Brock did not even begin playing baseball until the age of 13 after he was inspired by a class paper he wrote on baseball legends Jackie Robinson and Joe DiMaggio. After a while, he began to fall in love with the classic American pastime and he accomplished many amazing feats both on and off the field.

Brock attended Union High School in Mer Rouge, Louisiana after completing elementary school. There he met his future wife Katie. Lou was on the basketball team and math and chemistry competition squads where he represented his school in various state competitions. Union High School is also where Brock joined his first baseball team, playing as their left handed pitcher. Eventually he earned an academic scholarship to Southern University and he and Katie moved to Baton Rogue, Louisiana to enrich their minds and lives.

Math had been a passion for Brock since his elementary school days, so it was only logical he choose mathematics as his college major. Unfortunately, he lost his scholarship after only one semester at Southern University when he received a C+ instead of a B average. Lowly and depressed about his current academic situation, Brock volunteered to retrieve balls for the college baseball team during his semester break. After one tiring day working on the field, the coaches rewarded Brock with five practice batting swings. He mustered up all his strength and launched three of the five balls over the fence, much to the amazement of the coaches. Thrilled with his performance, the coaches offered Brock a full baseball scholarship on the spot. In time, Brock made the transition from pitcher to outfielder and displayed his winning talents.

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